Factory Operations and Technology Innovations

Universal Brands is proud to establish high quality production facility of low tar tobacco products in RAK, UAE. Our production facility is characterized by latest technology, innovation in products and vertical integration on quality processes. The factory started full-fledged operations in March 2016.

The Production Lines

Initially, Universal Brands launched the production line for Super Slims format. This is a line of new generation, from the internationally well-known factory Decoufle (France).

In March 2017, a new production line for Nano Slims product format was added. This is a line of new generation, medium speed from the globally recognized factory Focke (Germany).

The factory is set up to move production lines, which will be added in the next 18 months. Also, an individual facility with advanced equipment for quality control has been set up.

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The Production Principles

  • Having direct vertical integration with suppliers and farmers worldwide, Universal Brands enjoys an access to the highest quality tobacco leaf.
  • Our products are free from all prosthetic elements. All the products we sell are not more than 6mg tar, while the majority are in between 1mg to 4mg only.
  • All universal brands products contain maximum up to 6mg TAR while the majority of products are in between 1mg to 4mg